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Illinois' Ohio River Outfitters offers trophy deer hunts in the heart of Illinois deer hunting country. Located along the banks of the mighty Ohio River, our properties have some of the richest agricultural land in the state of Illinois. The fertile Ohio River Valley soil is loaded with the minerals and nutrients it takes to grow Monster Illinois Whitetails. This high quality food source, mixed with the bluff country hardwood forests, make up some of the best whitetail deer habitat Illinois has to offer. So, if you are looking for an Illinois Whitetail Outfitter, we invite you to come hunt the "ILLINOIS GIANTS" with us.  We are a small Illinois whitetail outfitting operation with some of the most incredible deer hunting Illinois has to offer. Most of our hunts take place in Hardin County, which is considered Illinois' first and final frontier.  It is the smallest and least populated county in Illinois and is also located in the corner of the state that offers the road less traveled.

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Many hunters ask how our Illinois Outfitting Service compares to the famous "Golden Triangle" of Illinois, and that answer is simple. When comparing Boone and Crockett kills by county one must take into consideration the land area of the county. The famous "Golden Triangle" counties are some of the largest, and most over hunted counties in Illinois, so yes they will be putting out more Boone and Crockett numbers than smaller Illinois counties. Our county of Hardin is 5X smaller than Pike County, so don't be fooled by the Boone and Crockett numbers per county.  It has already been proven that true "Illinois Giants" come from all over the state, not just the "Golden Triangle".   A lot of Illinois outfitters offer several thousand acres of hunting land that is spread out over several counties, but what they don't tell you is ninety-percent of that land is flat, tillable, and basically non-huntable land.

Our properties are different with roughtly 65% hardwood ridges and river bottoms with the other 35% in ag fields, CRP, and high nutritional food plots.  Our Illinois deer hunting properties consist mainly of OaK/Hickory hardwood ridges, low lying agricultural farmlands along the river, nasty river bottom thickets that hold huge Illinois whitetail bucks, and rugged bluff country overlooking miles of the Ohio River countryside.   A highly nutritional food source of Mossy Oak Biologic blends, corn, soybeans, alfalfa, clover, and acorns provide the nutrients whitetails need to reach trophy class standards on our farms. Combine this great food source with our 130" minimum on harvestable bucks and the result is awesome Illinois whitetail deer hunting

Hunting deer in illinois with an outfitter
Hunting deer in illinois

"I had been hunting Alberta for the past several years and got tired of the hassle and high prices of hunting Canada.  I called Wade Gibbons with Illinois' Ohio River Outfitters in 2014 and have been booking Combo hunts with him since. My first year I killed a huge 10pt. with my bow.  During this year's combo hunt I killed a great 8 pt. with my bow and another huge 10pt. with my muzzleloader, plus 3 fat doe for meat. These guys really know their stuff and I would recommend them to anyone wanting an honest Illinois deer hunt. The food is great and the hunting is even better. Thanks guys!! See you again next year."  George Wheeler- Dothan, AL.

Illinois bowhunting client George Wheeler with his nice 8pt. buck he harvested while bowhunting deer in Illinois with Illinois Ohio River Outfitters
Illinois Deer Hunting Client George Wheeler with his 10 pt. Illinois buck he took while deer hunting with Illinois Ohio River Outfitters
Illinois Archery hunt - Hunting client with his Bow killed whitetail deer.
Illinois Deer Hunts

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bowhunts in Pike County Illinois
Outfitters in Pike County Illinois
Deer hunts in Pike County Illinois
Pike County  deer hunting
bowhunting for  trophy whitetail deer in Pike County Illinois
The best Illinois Deer Outfitter
Huge Illinois deer that has in velvet
Giant Illinois deer in velvet on Illinois Outfitter property
Another huge illinois deer in velvet
17 pt. Illinois buck in velvet on Illinois Ohio River Outfitters property
Illinois Deer Hunts with Team Hoyt Bows
Illinois Deer Hunting with Mathews Bows
Illinois Outfitter who uses Muddy Outdoors products.
Illinois Outfitter teaming up withvWildlife Research Center
Illinois Outfitter parnter with Hunter Safety System
Deer hunts in Illinois with Lone Wolf tree stands
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bowhunting in Pike County Illinois

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